Roz Lowe works alone in her Hertfordshire studio creating one-off signed original ceramic pieces in stoneware and porcelain clays. Her work is all based on natural themes and colours – so that the individual pieces can be added to and will always compliment each other. Her unique style has grown and developed since the late seventies when Roz completed a College course and set up her first studio.

Her love for her craft and enthusiasm and interest in the British Craft scene as a whole has never diminished. After 4 years teaching and running the Pottery Studio at Haberdashers Aske’s Public School in Hertfordshire she left to concentrate her energies on her own Studio work. Roz represented British Crafts, along with 15 other chosen artisans in Kentucky, USA for a major exhibition and has exhibited her work on numerous occasions for Barnet Council and at Foyles Gallery in London.

Her work is never pre-planned. Roz would be the first to admit a wonderful freedom and lack of discipline when creating pieces and never realistically prices her time. Like most artists she is not very materialistic or commercially minded. For this reason she enjoys the personal contact of selling through Craft Exhibitions and giving lectures and talks to small interested groups. Miniature work fascinates her – small is beautiful - is on the studio wall.

Though Roz uses nature for inspiration in her work she still chooses to live near London, enjoying the buzz of the city, the galleries, theatre – the art scene in general – which she loves. Spare time does not exist for her. In 2019 you can see new collections of Roz Lowe’s work at many major shows and events across the country.